Presentation by Paul de Krom

As of 2015, Paul de Krom has been CEO of Dutch research organisation TNO. Before, he has worked for Shell in The Netherlands, Dubai, and London, and was director ad interim of Dutch governmental institution Dienst Landelijk Gebied. Between 2010 and 2012, De Krom served as State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment. During his presentation, De Krom will elaborate on how TNO applies scientific research on concrete solutions for social issues such as terrorism, climate change, and lifestyle diseases. Furthermore, he will expand on innovations such as TNO’s part in the development of the world’s largest telescope and on how the exposome might revolutionise human health.

AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence offers a lot of opportunities and especially in healthcare the possibilities are endless. Hidde Hovenkamp, will host a talk about this topic. Hidde studied econometrics and after his studies he particpated in the dutch “Nationale Denktank”. Here he investigated with Willem Herter and Wouter Kroese how big data can be utilized to make the Netherlands healthier. From this they satrted Pacmed: a young company that creates software which uses machine learning to help doctors in making medical decisions. Pacmed is active in the intensive care, oncology, in the chronical healthcare and works together with several big hospitals in the Netherlands.