Information market

Who we are and what we do

Xomnia is the leading Dutch big data company that empowers organizations to create maximum value out of data. We deliver long term data science and big data engineering capacity through our traineeships. We share our knowledge on Big Data in projects & consultancy, training programs and traineeships. Xomnia serves a wide variety of clients, both (semi-)governmental and corporate, in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
We have been growing pretty rapidly since our start in 2013, at the moment we have 85 team members. Our company is located at a unique and cosy location in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Working opportunities

At Xomnia we provide a one year traineeship in which you will work at one of our big clients (KLM, ANWB, Port of Rotterdam, NS and many more). On fridays you will get training from our own senior data scientists and engineers in the latest tools and technologies in the field. So, if you finished your technical, science or finance masters and want to work in the data field, come and kickstart your Data career at Xomnia! Want to know more? Meet us at the Beta Career Event or contact us through the information listed below.


Raamstraat 7-I
1016 XL Amsterdam
E: job@xomnia.com
W: https://www.xomnia.com/careers/