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Who we are and what we do

SVI works in life-sciences, and specifically in the rapidly developing light microscopy field. With a dedicated team (15 people) we make the HUYGENS SOFTWARE. We value short lines and each of us takes responsibility for certain projects. So your contribution will be very important and you’ll gain a lot of international contacts and become part of one of the world’s best imaging teams either as a developer or as an imaging & sales specialist.

Working opportunities

For imaging & sales specialists we are looking for colleagues who have a keen interest in people and love to explain new topics, with an entrepreneurial attitude, knowledge of microscopes and computers. Level University or higher.

For developers we are looking for colleagues who are interested in microscopy and optics and who have programming experience in C and Linux. Knowledge of OpenMP, CUDA and possibly Tcl/TK is welcome.

We’re located next to a railway-station in the bigger Amsterdam area so easy to reach. For more content on what we do see: Movie Gallery this page shows the microworld in its full beauty! Fine details in green become visible during live-microscopy applying SVI’s HUYGENS software. In red you see the blurry result without it….


Laapersveld 63,
1213 VB Hilversum
T (recruiter): +31 35 642 16 26
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