Scientific Volume Imaging

Scientific Volume Imaging

Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) are the makers of the image processing software “Huygens”. Huygens offers advanced restoration and analysis tools for 3D-5D microscopy and super-resolution data. Microscopists all over the world use our software and have published with Huygens. Within our young team, you make your own contribution to this important research.

What do we do:
Science, development and sales are closely linked in our team. Our Sales know what is going on in the market and tell Development who keep them up-to-date on progress in their Huygens projects.

So Software development and support are major pillars of our success. ( Our presence on conferences worldwide ensures that our users can do their research to make this world a healthier and happier place to live in.

Job offers:
Talented Image processing developers who love to program for Biosciences.

Education: University/PhD.
Interest in scientific software, system administration, and build automation.
Development experience in Unix and Windows.
Programming experience in C. Knowledge of OpenMP, Tcl/Tk, PHP is a plus.
Fluency in English and Dutch is appreciated.
Talented students who want to use their talents in a more commercial setting.

True customer-care is our priority number one!
Your scientific skills are needed and will be expanded on the job through cooperations.
Represent SVI on conferences and workshops worldwide.


Talented students who want to learn image processing programming for real.

You’ll get true mentoring on your research topic in a vibrant learning environment.
All team members are highly qualified and motivated.
Chances to represent SVI to conferences and workshops worldwide.
See some topics at
Email (senior developer and project leader) or call ++31(0)356421626 if this fits.

Contact details:
Scientific Volume Imaging
Laapersveld 63
1213 XS Hilversum
tel: +31 35 642 16 26