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Who we are

Since 2004, Flow Traders (www.flowtraders.com) has been a principal trading firm and one of the world’s largest liquidity providers, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Our headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Clujand London accommodate more than 400 employees. Flow Traders is a privately held financial firm that keeps pace with global markets. Our business expands each day by adding new products across an ever-broadening range of markets around the globe.

At Flow Traders we work in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment where each day brings complex challenges. We are a technology company, operating in a financial environment and use our principal technology platform to quote bid and ask prices in thousands of ETP listings and similar financial products.

What we do

As a Trader you manage and optimize our daily positions (pricing and trading) in a wide range of financial products, including ETPs, bonds, derivatives, FX, crypto’ s and complex structured products together with the Traders on your desk. You will formulate innovative trading strategies and, in close collaboration with our Software Engineers, develop trading models and tools that allow us to capitalize on opportunities swiftly and adequately.

Working opportunities

Throughout the year we are always looking for new talent in the following areas:

As we do not expect you to have any far-reaching trading or finance knowledge upfront, we offer you an extensive onboarding program of 3 months! See our flyer for more information.


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