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Data science lab

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Who we are

Data Science Lab. wants to be the knowledge partner in the field of data science and data engineering, which is known for the development of talented professionals.
From Data Engineers to Data Scientists: our team consists of passionate digital thinkers. These experts take a close look at the clients data, creating new insights and helps organizations solve data issues.

With us you will get started in the way that suits you best. This can be full-time or part-time,but at least in permanent employment. That’s for sure. We are also flexible about terms and conditions of employment: together we look for forms of work that we can both find ourselves in. We discuss mutual expectations openly and honestly and, if necessary, we
update them.

We like to work with professionals who really want to be involved. If you want, we do not only second you to clients, we also give you the chance to contribute to the organization of Data Science Lab. This way you have a direct impact on the company you work for.

What we do

We have interesting projects regarding analytics. Some project examples: Predict whether a Customer will pay an invoice on time, within 10 days or later then 10 days. We used historical data containing past Payments information, Credit status and other information regarding the customer and used a random forest algorithm (scikit-learn python libraries) to make the prediction. We completed a POC for this model and the next steps of testing and industrializing are being investigated by the Finance department. -> Positive outcome turn it in real project phases.

The e-commerce team wants to know what their final net sales will be per day. In addition,
they want to know this at both country and division level. First we got the historical dates of
orders from a colleague. Then we prepared the data so that it could be used in the model.
After that, different models were built and tested. Ultimately, the best model was chosen
and the results were presented to the business. We used Python and Tensorflow.

Working opportunities

We offer fulltime positions to bachelor and master graduates for people with a technical background. We are mainly looking for people with a study background in : computer science, information science, business analytics, econometrics, data science and aritificial intelligence.


Donker Curtiusstraat 23 C, 1051 JM Amsterdam
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